7 Yoga Myths Including: You Can’t Use Yoga To Lose Weight

14 Nov
By Scott McLeod
You must be limber to practice yoga. “Sorry, I’m not flexible enough for Yoga.”

* That’s the point in doing it! : ) Yoga helps you become flexible and provides your body its benefits. Perhaps you have some social anxiety about looking “foolish” among a group of flexible yoga regulars.

* Guess what? Most yoga practitioners are regular folks with just as limited flexibility as you if not worse. Everyone has to start somewhere and you can always begin at home until you feel comfortable in front of others but honestly? I wouldn’t worry about it!

Dudes don’t do yoga… that’s for females

* Balderdash! Yoga was actually created by men so many many years ago and its original masters, known as yogis were men. Maybe you argue that social norms today say otherwise. I strongly disagree. Take a look around a yoga studio or class at a gym. Bet you’ll see a lot more men than you initially imagined.

* Yoga is constantly pushing into mainstream consciousness and its benefits are too good to be localized to one gender. It’s catching on guys! Many studios are at a 2:1 female to male ratio now, compared to a 10:1 roughly 10 to 20 years ago. Besides guys, being surrounded and outnumbered by health conscious females can’t be all bad.

Yoga costs too much money

* You can find just about anything FREE on YouTube. There are even free websites with pictorial and written instructions. However, even though yoga studios may be more spendy in general, they usually have more inexpensive beginner classes. Online programs geared specifically for weight loss are very reasonable and under satisfaction guarantees.

* Also, keep in mind most larger gyms that you join such as L.A. Fitness, Gold’s Gym, 24 Hour Fitness, et cetera, have yoga classes already available within the regular membership… sometimes a tad bit more. It may be roughly $10 extra dollars a month added on your membership fee.

* Think ahead and beyond. The benefits afforded your health are going to really start adding up on your bank statements after months of reduced doctor visits and decreased medication needs. Yoga is therefore efficient not only for your body but also your wallet!

Yoga is for hipsters and young things

* I can see this more “social legitimacy” in decades past. Yoga is an eastern based practice and involves incorporating and harmonizing all components of the human being, not the least of which being spiritual. It only makes sense that it originally gained more traction when it was first introduced with more free-spirited and “hippy-type” individuals.

* Yoga simply has too many practical health benefits for any person of any demographic to not pay attention to. Scientific studies and media attention keep shedding light on this practice and social barriers are evaporating.

You can’t use yoga to lose weight

* Absolutely FALSE and some of the primary reasons for its effectiveness may surprise you. They are not traditional concepts we ascribe to weight loss by ‘exercise.’ Someone suffering from obesity or perhaps just someone more” out-of-shape” than they’d like to be, either have a metabolic disorder of some sort or simply are under-performing in the metabolic arena.

* Increase in blood flow to all major body systems is one of the primary advantages of yoga. When certain poses are practiced it squeezes the organs within the abdominal cavities leading to higher organ circulation. Our organs in particular, need quality circulation in order to keep them working optimally and able to naturally remove toxins from the body. Oxygen and nutrient delivery are also dramatically increased with enhanced circulation.

* On an emotional front, yoga allows people to shed negativity and heaviness while giving the spirit a breath of fresh air. I can almost guarantee you were your healthiest when you were your happiest. Coincidence?

* Energetically, yoga helps unblock centers (chakras) within the body that regulate everything from your digestive system to your immune function. A well working digestive system is paramount to weight loss. Proper absorption of nutrients as well as proper elimination of wastes are both unavoidable contributors to healthy weight regulation and healthy body composition. Yoga to lose weight is viable strategy. We won’t belabor the rebuttal to this obvious myth any further!

Yoga has only one discipline

* There are many different kinds of yoga and each emphasizes a certain aspect of its general principles and goals. The most world-known practice of yoga is Hatha yoga but within the United States we are familiar with Vinyasa or Flow Yoga, Bikram or Hot Yoga, Power Yoga and yes even meditation falls within the category of yoga. In this article, we will not further discuss the differences and strengths of these various styles.

Yoga is not for individuals with injuries or chronic pain

* Fortunately this turns out to be false and in fact, yoga serves as a mode of therapy that can alleviate chronic pain better than many other forms of therapy. Notable conditions that can be helped by yoga include chronic back pain and rheumatoid arthritis. These kinds of conditions need to be outlined with a yoga instructor so as to minimize risk and maximize benefit through their expert advisement.

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7 Yoga Myths Including: You Can’t Use Yoga To Lose Weight

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