What You May Need To Know About Bladder Control Medication.

31 Oct
By Jeannine Fasso
There are various treatment methods available for people who have bladder control problems, but for those who have tried Kegel exercises and skipping on caffeine and alcohol, bladder medication seem to be the last resort. Medication for bladder control is helpful in overcoming incontinence and reducing the hyperactivity of the bladder.

Bladder infections may be caused by a blockage such as kidney stones, bladder stones, enlarged prostates, or catheter insertions. It is much easier for bacteria to come in contact with the female urinary system, making them much more common in them than men.

Other drugs known to fall under this generic category are Ditropan, Sanctura, and Detrol. These are all proven effective medication usually taken orally, although there are some that can be bought in the forms of medicated skin patches and creams.

There are quite a few ways of therapy for bladder control problems such as dietary changes, surgical procedures and prescription medicine. But there is a new way to do it and that is, improvement of bladder control with herbal medication. And there are a number of ways to do it. Also, there are a large variety of organic medicines that are available all over to assist with solving of the control problems.

Stress incontinence involves the lack of tone to the bladder sphincter. Exercise activity or even a rough cough can lead to urine leaking passed the sphincter. Medicines such as the alpha adrenergic agonist family help the urinary sphincter keep its tone and give it more strength.

Furthermore, women at their post-menopausal stage experience bladder control problems as their estrogen level is in its lowest. Estrogen is responsible for enhancing the nerve functions and helps control the deterioration of the tissues, so having low estrogen level contributes to the weakening of the human bladder.

To rectify low estrogen levels in women, physicians prescribe topical estrogen creams as a form of bladder control medication. However, application of topical estrogen creams isn’t solely effective, unless combined with other recommended therapies.

Women who are both postmenopausal and suffering from bladder control problems can try a new estrogen therapy. It is known that the hormone estrogen plays a significant role in maintaining the strength and tone of the pelvic floor muscles in women.

Other alternative sources of bladder control medication may be prescribed or recommended by physicians. It is imperative that self-diagnosis is avoided and proper treatment should involve the advice of a medical professional.

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What You May Need To Know About Bladder Control Medication.

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