The Shocking Truth About Acne Skin Care Treatment

29 Oct
By Peadar Orviati
I have yet to meet anyone that actually wants to keep the acne they have but I have met a ton of people who are frustrated from trying plenty of acne skin care treatment products that didn’t work.

While there are a multitude of acne skin care treatment products on the market today it is best to understand what type of skin you have and how some of these treatments may affect it.

Ok, that’s all you really need to know about why acne happens. Now let’s take a look at what you can do to live an acne free life! There are some simple lifestyle changes you can make and some acne skin care treatment products that will let you meet this goal.

Chances are you have heard about certain foods causing acne – chocolate gets a bad rap for this. Although I wouldn’t go as far as to say specific foods cause acne, having a poor diet puts stress on your body. Remember – your skin is part of your body! You want to treat it right. Eat a well balanced diet full of nutrient rich vegetables and I promise your skin will thank you. Also, try to avoid vegetable oil if possible. Cook with olive oil instead, and pay attention to the ingredients list of the foods you buy. If you see a vegetable oil listed, it is wise to avoid it. Also, be careful not to transfer bacteria to your face.

Your first goal should be to not touch your face with your fingers. Hate to say it, but your hands are dirty! Pay attention to not touch or rub your face as this can add to your acne troubles. It can also aggravate existing acne and make it worse than it already is.

Another tip that make a big difference is to wash your pillowcases regularly – every other day if you can find the time. A lot of oils and bacteria can transfer during the night so you don’t want to be sleeping on this stuff over and over again!

There are other useful tips you can find at The Crazy Health Nut website – pay a visit to read more. For now I want to start looking at acne skin care treatment products and how to choose the best one.

It is also a good idea to take oral supplements that help your skin cleanse and heal itself from the inside. Vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E, Folic acid, flavonoids, and beta carotene found in many multivitamin supplements help the skin maintain itself. Minerals such as zinc, copper, and selenium have also been found to help protect the skin from outbreaks and speed the healing process which in turn can prevent scarring.

To find acne skin care treatment products that actually work, look for a “system” that attacks acne from all angles. It’s usually not enough to just dab on some cream every night. You want a skin cleanser that attacks the oil buildup and bacteria on your skin and also helps to unclog your pores.

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The Shocking Truth About Acne Skin Care Treatment

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