Using An All Natural Mosquito Patch For The Whole Family

21 Oct
By Chasity Sheppard
The use of a mosquito patch is an effective way to keep those pesky bugs from biting. It’s a convenient and simpler alternative to the variant sprayed directly on the skin. However, choosing the right product is of utmost importance to dodge unfavorable effects.

Nothing can be easier to use than a flat and lightweight insect repellent that is placed on your skin just like a usual sticker. It may be posted on the upper arm, thigh or just about anywhere else. About a couple of hours or so, the product makes you practically invisible to mosquitoes. Such is made possible because it keeps those insects unable to detect two things they are attracted to: carbon dioxide and lactic acid your body releases.

Adults may take advantage of transparent or skin-colored patches on the market. Kids will not have trouble using most especially variants that are designed especially for them. Staying safe is made enjoyable because of stickers coming in a variety of colors as well as interesting designs like smileys and animals. Since they are trouble-free to use, little ones may apply them whenever necessary even if adults are not around to help them out.

These products became highly popular not only because of the convenience and innovation they bring, but also due to a particular ingredient used. Initially, they relied on a chemical known as diethyltoluamide or DEET for short. This is the same thing that is commonly used by some of today’s insect repellents sprayed directly onto the skin in order to deliver results.

There’s no denying that DEET can really keep those painful and dangerous bites at bay. However, it’s no secret that there have been reports of certain side effects. Aside from local skin irritations, DEET is also known to wreak havoc to the reproductive and nervous systems.

According to medical investigations, it’s possible for up to 15% of DEET to penetrate the skin. Once in the blood, it’s easy for the chemical to reach different parts of the body. Although a product containing DEET may save you from health conditions like malaria and dengue fever, it may potentially leave you suffering from other problems just as alarming as those.

It’s a good thing that a lot of manufacturers of topical insect repellents have scraped using this infamous chemical. They turned to a variety of 100% safe and natural alternatives. So many patches on the market have followed suit, making them more appealing to the consumers, most especially parents who want nothing but the safety of their young ones.

Some of the best selling patches these days are those which contain citronella. This essential oil is well-known for its effectiveness in keeping mosquito bites at bay. At times various other all-natural ingredients are combined. Some of them include peppermint, lavender and geranium. Certain manufacturers use vitamin B1 or thiamine as the active ingredient.

A mosquito patch that’s free of DEET still is proven to be an effective solution against those pesky insect bites. Without such chemical, all sorts of unfavorable side effects may be avoided, giving consumers peace of mind. The product may be purchased easily online and offline, available in variants for adults and kids alike.

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Using An All Natural Mosquito Patch For The Whole Family

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