Letting Go Of A Sugar Addiction

21 Oct
By David C. Messier
For the past 150 years, scientists have identified carbohydrates/sugar – which elevates the fat-storage hormone Insulin – as the main cause of weight gain. Since the 1980s, Americans have consumed extremely large amounts of sugar, compared to previous decades. Accordingly, the U.S. obesity rate has doubled in the past 30 years, rising 17 percent in 1980 to 34 percent in 2007. Moreover, two-thirds (66%) of adults are now overweight or obese. Medical researchers have recently discovered that refined sugar may be as addictive as cocaine, heroin, and alcohol.Animal studies show that the brains of sugar-addicted rats undergo similar neurochemical changes as the brains of humans addicted to narcotics and alcohol.The addictive nature of refined sugar is likely the main reason that the rate of overweight Americans could rise to 75 percent by 2020, as predicted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. If trends continue, the U.S. obesity rate would be 100 percent by 2048, according to a 2008 study reported in the medical journal Obesity. As early as 2018, America’s obesity rate will rise to 43 percent, says Kenneth Thorpe, Ph.D., Emory University public health professor.[]

Unfortunately, sugar addiction is likely the reason that Dr. Jon Robison, nutritionist Linda Bacon (author of Health At Every Size), and most other obesity researchers, agree that eliminating junk food from one’s diet promotes long-term weight gain and/or dangerous eating disorders. Research shows that dietary restrictions result in 95 to 98 percent of people regaining ALL lost weight. In fact, within five years, 33 to 66 percent of people regain to higher weights!Fortunately, ground-breaking discoveries about the causes of obesity have led to 100% natural, permanent weight loss solutions (e.g. Sophy’s Secrets), which even work for sugar addicts.The above recent discoveries show that sugar addicts can only achieve long-term weight loss by: 1) maintaining a low carb/sugar/chemical diet (i.e. low devitalized/acid waste/”obesogen” diet), and reducing exposure to environmental toxins (e.g. “carcinogens” found in cleaning products that make indoor air up to 70 times more polluted than outdoor air), OR 2) eating whatever you want while regularly removing dietary and environmental toxins from the body and consuming fat-burning minerals that refined sugar has leached from the body.Such detoxification and nutrient replenishment is as simple as consuming capsules of herbal intestinal cleansers, tonic (i.e. bidirectional), liquified herbs, oxygenated water, and “subtle-energized” minerals as well as sniffing certain essential oils and replacing toxic household cleaners with a multipurpose one that’s completely nontoxic yet highly effective.

Along with the sugar addiction, I struggled on and off with weight issues.Everything changed when I discovered what the underlying emotional issue was and how to deal with it. Now I know that a sugar/carb addiction can be healed by taking care of both physical and emotional issues.When we abandon ourselves by being unloving to ourselves – with self-judgment, ignoring our feelings, numbing them out with various addictions or making others responsible for us – we create a big empty hole inside. What this hole really wants is love – our love – but since we are abandoning ourselves, we are far from loving ourselves. The empty hole is very painful, and food – especially sugar and starches – works for the moment to fill the inner emptiness.

Eat more fat,The low fat diet period developed from skewed research back in the 1950s. There is now a lot of evidence to show that it is not fat that is making us fat, but sugar. Fat helps with satiety (making you feel full) which is very important if you are trying to lose weight or kick a sugar addiction. Weight Watchers have just launched some changes to the current program to allow two teaspoons of healthy oils such as olive, flaxseed and sunflower daily for zero points.

Sugar destroys beneficial bacteria and feeds the toxic bacteria. This is why the more sugar we eat, the more we want it. As the toxic bacteria proliferate, they demand more and more sugar to flourish. The more they flourish, the more they create toxins that affect our organs and our brain, causing diabetes, cancer, heart disease and autoimmune diseases, as well as autism, ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other mental disorders. (See “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” by Natasha Campbell-McBride, M.D. for a complete description of how all this happens).

Of course, the first 2-3 weeks on a one-meal-a-day “lifestyle change” may result in strong hunger signals throughout the day. However, once the person adjusts to such a change, he or she will be able to enjoy the health and weight loss benefits of “short period/daily” fasting. This type of lifestyle change enables the body to: Break down fat reserves and release stored toxins,Lower cravings for nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar and other drugs.Improve and invigorate digestion and waste elimination.Resolve inflammatory processes that have led to problems such as rheumatoid arthritis.Start quieting allergies that cause asthma, bronchitis, hay fever, hives, insomnia, and migraine headaches.Dry up abnormal fluid accumulations in the ankles, legs, and abdomen.Normalize blood pressure.Clear acne and whiten the eyes.Normalize taste buds that have been a) distorted by secondary taste buds produced by bad bacteria and b) desensitized to the flavors of real food (e.g. grassfed meat/fat, fresh vegetables, etc.) and hyper-sensitized to the taste of chemical food (e.g. refined sugar and other chemicals in processed food).Eating one meal day will speed the health and weight loss benefits derived from the above 100% natural products. A person who eats multiple times a day and consistently uses the products will experience the same benefits, but at a slower pace. However, eating multiple times a day tends to increase the quantity of refined carbs/sugar consumed. Consequently, multiple-meal eaters will need to use greater quantities of the aforementioned 100% Natural Products to counteract the effects of refined sugar.

Refined sugar entersthe body through enzyme-less processed food (i.e. practically everything sold in a box, can, or bag) and promotes weight gain because refined sugar has the following effects on the body:Leaches Minerals from Organs – Minerals are needed in the blood to balance the acidic effects of sugar/glucose. The bloodstream must be slightly alkaline at all times or death would occur within seconds. Elevated blood sugar leads to mineral deficiencies, which prevent fat-burning biochemical processes. Further, sugar/glucose spikes blood Insulin and Cortisol, which are hormones that stimulate the body to store fat.Feeds Harmful Bacteria that Create Havoc in the Body – Microbes cannot metabolize fat and thrive on sugar. Refined sugar weakens the immune system by leaching vitamins and minerals from organs. Strengthened by the sugar, bad bacteria can quickly multiply, leach vitamins and minerals from healthy cells, kill good bacteria, weaken the immune system, and colonize weak organs, which can lead to them becoming chronically diseased.Desensitizes taste buds to Flavors of Real Food – This leads to preferences for refined carbohydrates, which are converted into fatty acids by the liver and stored in FAT cells as saturated fat! Conversely, a high-fat and protein diet promotes fat burning and prevents diabetes and heart disease. Sugar molecules are the dietary cause of coronary heart disease and diabetes because unlike large, FAT molecules, sugar molecules are small enough to clog arteries. After sugar has led to clogged arteries, cholesterol can stick to these malformed arteries.

Leads to Hormone Imbalances – Refined sugar elevates Leptin, Ghrelin, Insulin, and Cortisol Levels. Too much Leptin and Ghrelin = increased appetite; too much Insulin and Cortisol = Stored FAT. This hormonal abnormality is linked to heart disease and affects 10 to 20 percent of women in their lifetimes. In spite of a low-calorie diet, people with this metabolism-lowering condition find it easier to gain weight and harder to lose it.Increases Appetite – A high-fat meal can provide energy for 16 or more hours while a high-sugar meal provides energy for only about 2 hours. Thus, a person must consume many more calories throughout a 24-hour period to maintain adequate energy levels.Lowers Energy – Refined sugar provides a short-term boost in energy. However, the body quickly releases Insulin, which rapidly lowers blood sugar levels, causing a sharp drop in energy and endurance. Refined sugar makes blood thick and sticky, reducing oxygen to cells, and inhibiting much of the blood flow into the minute capillaries that supply gums and teeth with vital nutrients. Also, reduced blood flow deprives mitochondria (the body’s energy factories) of its preferred energy source – oxygen. Mitochondria can burn sugar for energy but then cells lose protection from bad bacteria and fungi, which cannot live in high-oxygen environments. In fact, Dr. Tullio Simoncini says cancer cells are simply human cells that have been invaded by fungi. He is the author of Cancer is a Fungus.Disrupts Brain Chemistry in a Way that Creates Cravings for Refined Sugar – Refined sugar affects the brain in a similar manner as narcotics. A person can become addicted to sugar’s stimulation of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, opioid, and dopamine. The brain becomes increasingly unable to properly regulate hormones that control appetite and stimulate FAT burning.In general, the body craves refined sugar every two hours. If it’s consumed, the mineral-leaching. immune-system-weakening. acid-waste-creating.disease-promoting.hormone-imbalancing. appetite FAT-storing.Refined Sugar Two-Hour Cycle begins again.Fortunately, the metabolic disturbances created by refined sugar can be reversed with 100% natural products (e.g. Sophy’s Secrets ) that detoxify the body and replenish its nutritional reserves. Unfortunately, few people know about these products because highly effective, uncontaminated (i.e. no chemical toxins) weight loss products tend to be developed and manufactured by small, private firms and sold (usually online) through personal recommendations.

No One Size Solutions.A successful program designed for the purpose of sugar addiction help will be sure to include various degrees of recovery for different people seeking help with sugar addictions. The problem is that everyone needing help with this particular addiction is interested in an all out cold turkey diet free of all great sweet treats. For a treatment program to be successful it needs to offer different services to those who need a more or less strict sugar free existence. This allows those who have diabetes to leave all sugar behind while those who simply want to lose a few pounds to cut out some of the sugar in their diets. You will need to identify the solution you feel will work best for you.

Things will go much more smoothly if you keep an accurate journal of everything that you eat. Many people will be surprised at how their sugar intake can add up when all of the foods they eat are combined. Keeping a journal will allow you to see exactly how much you consume.It is important to note however, that you shouldn’t try to change things excessively in such a short period of time. Start slowly to reduce your sugar intake and it will be much easier to continue. You may not even want to avoid eating sugar altogether. It’s fine if you want to give yourself a reward every so often whenever you do well. If you have herpes try to stick to fruit for your sweets.You will also help yourself considerably by staying as active as possible. People tend to eat more often when they are sitting around relaxing or watching TV. If you are physically active, then you will be too busy to eat any sugary foods. Starting an exercise routine is a great idea since it helps you get or stay in shape.

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Letting Go Of A Sugar Addiction

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