The Myriad Benefits Of Physical Therapy Massage

13 Oct
By Megan Landry
Many individuals fail to realize how much a person can gain from physical therapy massage. Its benefits far outweigh mere muscle relaxation after a hectic day on the job. The healing properties associated with this therapy are something in which almost anyone can find merit. Additionally, those who have been injured or who are suffering from certain illnesses often benefit immensely from such treatment.

In numerous cultures, this procedure has been used for thousands of years to help various individuals heal. Human touch is a welcome relief for most men and women, especially during times of emotional stress, sickness, panic, or physical pain. It helps to convey support and compassion to individuals in the aforementioned situations.

For thousands of years, healers have developed various therapeutic treatments, all of which center on human touch. Most methods of this type are still used in today’s healthcare field. One benefit of this kind of therapy is the relaxation it provides. It has been determined that there are other physiological and psychological benefits of this treatment as well.

When receiving such treatment, patients are encouraged to relax as the therapist massages out their tension, which is often stored in the person’s body and manifests as rigid, sore muscles. When the muscles loosen up, the person generally has a greater range of motion than before and finds that it is more enjoyable and comfortable to participate in daily physical activities.

Such therapeutic measures have also been proven to improve one’s posture, as sore and tired muscles cannot effectively do their job. In many cases, this type of treatment is the only thing that helps those who have suffered injuries at work, in automobile accidents, or during other unfortunate incidents. Treatment may last several weeks to several months, depending on the severity of one’s condition.

Studies also indicate that it may be possible to strengthen a child’s immune system if his or her parents perform a massage on a daily basis. The study specifically stated that when such therapy is conducted, the child’s white blood cell count and neutrophil count will increase. Such therapeutic measures are also frequently used after one has had surgery: many healthcare researchers are of the opinion that it encourages the brain to release chemicals that aid in the healing process. Additionally, it may boost the patient’s immune system as well.

When physical therapy of this type is needed, patients are usually given a referral from their family physician. However, if one feels uncomfortable with a particular practitioner, he or she should discontinue treatment. Similarly, if no therapeutic benefits are apparent, or one does not feel at ease with the therapist, it is wise for the person to ask his or her doctor for different referral.

It is thought by certain experts that physical therapy massage may assist certain people to release negative feelings. Although a bit of controversy still surrounds this theory, the rationale behind it is that negative emotions can be channeled into muscle tissues and therapeutic massage can help the person to release this tension. Those being treated for psychological or mental conditions, however, should not discontinue their conventional therapies in lieu of any holistic treatment. Any person who feels that he or she may benefit from the aforementioned treatments may wish to consider speaking to a licensed healthcare professional about pursuing this option.

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The Myriad Benefits Of Physical Therapy Massage

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