Herbal Chocolate Lets You Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

13 Oct
By Angel Dudley
There’s a very good reason why more and more people are scoffing down herbal chocolate. Every ounce of ordinary dark chocolate contains 155 calories, and is filled with sugar, preservatives and additives such as artificial flavors. Switching to healthier recipes allows people to indulge in their sweet tooth without packing on the pounds and putting their health at risk through obesity.

The traditional method for making chocolates begins with a harvest of cocoa beans, which is then refined and fermented. The beans are then roasted and ground, and then converted into a viscous sweet liquid by adding sugar and milk. This batch is then stored and cut into smaller pieces. Making this an herbal product is quite simple, and just needs some of the ingredients to be replaced with healthier alternatives.

A large selection of herbs and naturally available ingredients can produce delicious chocolates with none of the excess calories or harmful additives. The simplest option is to mix honey with cocoa butter and some powdered cocoa. Flavoring may be added using mint, lavender, rose petals or cinnamon.

There’s really no set formula that must be followed here. Just start with some dark chocolate and milk as the core ingredients. Those who are desperate to sink their fangs into something sweet should include honey as the third core component of the recipe. It replaces sugar and is a lot healthier while at the same time maintaining the delicious sweetness of the concoction.

The cocoa should preferably be in powdered form, so that it can be easily and precisely added in just the right measure in combination with the rest of the items in the recipe. For optimum results, add two tablespoons of honey and three cups of milk for every three spoons of cocoa. The rest is just a matter of experimentation to get the right balance of flavor and health benefits.

It’s possible to create chocolates with a vanilla flavor simply by adding two spoons of organic and gluten-free vanilla extract. Those who favor a minty edge to their concoction just need to throw in a few drops of peppermint oil. This is an organic and highly concentrated form of mint, and excessive use will overpower all other flavors and tastes.

There is another possible recipe for those who want to completely avoid the carbohydrates and calories of a sweet concoction. This one replaces honey and milk with coconut oil and stevia. Add finely chopped mint leaves for natural flavoring. The cocoa powder and the rest of the ingredients must be added to heated and liquid coconut oil so that it mixes properly.

These and other such recipes are nowhere near as ubiquitous and popular as ordinary chocolates from big brand manufacturers that have factories and distribution networks all over the world. But as the adverse impact of consuming huge amounts of sugar-filled chocolates becomes obvious, people are looking around for healthier alternatives to indulge their sweet tooth. If it’s not immediately available in the market, just buy the ingredients required to whip up a batch of healthy herbal chocolate. It also makes for a great gift for family and friends during the holiday season, and for birthday parties and other celebrations too.

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Herbal Chocolate Lets You Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

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