The Joy Of Playing A Stacking Block Game

10 Oct
By Catalina Nielsen
For a person that has never played a stacking block game, there is a sense of awe and wonder in this simple yet addictive past time. The object of the game is to take blocks and stack them in such a manner that you create rows. The winner is generally the one that has created the most rows or that is left after all the other players have left.

The basic form of this has a player take a block that is in the form of a shape and has to try and place it in a way that allows it to fit without any issues. The next player does the same thing. Points are given out based on the number of rows that you create. This is something that dates back a good while as people from all over the world have played this in its basic form.

There are variations of this which include stacking items in such a manner that you build a tower by removing ones from the bottom that have already been put in place. The person that knocks over the tower is the loser and the other person is declared the winner. This has been a popular way of passing time that has entertained both parents and kids alike for a great number of years.

Technology has played a hand in getting this out to younger people to enjoy. There are a number of applications that have been developed that will let kids play this while on that long road trip to grandmas house. This has allowed parents to have a much more quiet trip without all of the drama that used to come with boredom.

There are a great number of places that these can be bought. Many stores both online and actual brick buildings will carry a large selection of these for a person to purchase. These are becoming more and more popular and as a result the finding of them is becoming that much easier.

As these have went online, this has meant that sites allowing a person to play these have sprang up as well. There are an ever growing number of these sites that allow a person the chance to play while on that long trip to see grandma.

Score is kept depending on the amount of time that it takes you to take a move. If you place your item in a speedy manner, then your score will be a lot higher. If you take a long time your score will be greatly affected as a result.

Now that you have learned a little about these, then the sooner that you can go and begin to play on your own. It will be hard to stop as you will see this as being quite habit forming and will not want to stop at all. The best part is that kids as well as adults can all play and actually have something in common that they can both enjoy. This is why a stacking block game can be a great party item to pull out.

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The Joy Of Playing A Stacking Block Game

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