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10 Oct
Walking is a perfect exercise for busy men and women on the go. It builds fitness, burns calories, prevents weight gain, protects against heart disease, stroke and back pain, and increases longevity. Women who walked only 30 minutes, 5 times per week lost an average of 5 pounds in 6 to 12 months- without dieting or exercising intensely. You can lose even more weight if you eat sensibly and walk further and faster. Regular walking is a simple and effective health habit that controls bodyweight and promotes health.

The mile walk or jog is a typical workout for someone who wants a quick, effective exercise program. Linda Wilken and co-workers from CalState University, San Bernardino found that people expend 112 calories when walking a 19-minute mile and 159 calories when jogging a 10-minute mile. This included calories burned during exercise and recovery. Walking or running a mile won’t turn you into a fitness model, but it will help control body fat and contribute to health.

People lose weight on high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets than on high-carbohydrate or mixed diets- at least at the beginning of a weight-loss program. Proteins promote satiety (fullness) better than carbohydrates. Danish scientists found that the type of protein may be important for curbing hunger. They fed a meal accompanied by a drink containing whey or casein or skimmed milk. Milk curbed energy intake best, but drink composition had no effect on energy expenditure, or protein or carbohydrate use.

Abdominal fat increase by 300% between age 25 and 65 while muscle mass decreases by 20% between age 40 and 60. Increased abdominal fat promotes inflammation and impairs blood sugar regulation- both of which increase the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. A review of literature by Harvard University researchers concluded that weight training reduces abdominal fat and inflammation and increases muscle mass.

 Weight training does not burn as many calories as aerobics. However, muscle mass is an important measure of blood sugar control. Weight training is a critical exercise for middle-aged and older adults because it preserves muscle mass, prevents abdominal fat accumulation, decreases inflammation and promotes blood sugar control.

EXTRA TIP – Enjoy a GOOD Meal! Enjoying one good, moderate cheat meal per week can keep you on track. By eating something you enjoy on a weekly basis, you will be much more likely to STOP yourself from cheating on your diet because you know that there is a reward in sight.

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Fat Burning Tips 1

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