Weight Loss That Works for Men

27 Sep
At it’s heart, weight loss is quite simply eating less calories than we use. But, being human, that’s way too easy for us to understand so we seek to complicate things. Whether that’s by excluding certain items (sugar, fat, carbs, whatever), eating certain things on certain days, etc.

And being male we tend to like the slightly complicated rules of some diet plans because they seem to help us feel more in control of our ever bulging bellies.
So, what weight loss plans work for men? And why would they be different from weight loss plans for women?

Answering the second question first, there’s no real difference apart from men can get away with eating a few more calories than women and still lose weight. Other than that, it’s down to what’s on the plate.
At their most basic, any weight loss plan will work for men. But some seem to work better than others.
If you’re in any doubt, obviously you should have a chat with your doctor before implementing a diet or an exercise plan. That makes sense, even if you haven’t quite got round to having that chat yet (but you will, won’t you?!)

I’m old enough to remember the adverts here in the UK that said if you could pinch an inch of flesh you were probably overweight. And – despite having lost quite a bit of weight – I can certainly still pinch an inch or two.
But I’m getting there. I’m noticeably slimmer than I was a year ago and I’ve dropped from 38″ waist to 34″ and will soon be in 32″. Which means that whatever is working for me could easily work for you.
Start by getting back in the kitchen.
If you’re at work during the day, stock up the fridge and freezer. And batch cook, freezing down the remaining portions (remembering to label them). Then thaw a portion in the fridge during the day so it’s ready to cook at night.

Rice takes between about 10 and 12 minutes to cook from boiling and a 50 gram portion is actually quite a good size, especially if you use Basmati rice which seems to “fluff up” bigger than other rice, which is part of the eating your food with your eyes side of things.

Pasta is another quick staple. Again, 9 or 10 minutes to cook from boiling.
Make sure you have variety. Don’t just eat chilli or whatever every day because you’ve made a pot for the week. Vary the meat you use (assuming you’re a carnivore) and use fish in the rota of foods you eat as well.
If you can, don’t have the same main meat or fish twice in a row. This gives your body some help in various ways and also means if you don’t totally get on with that particular food, your body can cope anyway.
The same goes for the vegetables. Don’t just have peas or whatever with every meal!

Fruit is helpful but not essential, despite what the five-a-day advice says. Think about it: our cave men ancestors would only have eaten fruit in season and they lived fine on that kind of diet.
Apart from that, weigh yourself daily. And keep a note of it – I use a spreadsheet. Ideally, boast about your weight loss to your friends. Then they’ll help you keep on track when you stray occasionally.

For more information, check out this article on real world weight loss.
And if you’re in or near Cheltenham, feel free to give me a call.

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Weight Loss That Works for Men

Weight Loss That Works for Men, Weight Loss, Weight Loss That Works

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