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22 Sep

The main reason most people go to the gym is to lose weight and get a better figure. In this age of instant junk food and quick, delicious (and calorie-loaded) fast food, big tummies have become a scourge of the times. A majority of those that have taken-on a regular work-out regimen have done so because they’ve waged a war against belly fat and are focused on one goal- burning it.

Considering how intrinsic to modern society the internet has become and the overload of information out there on the web, it’s quite surprising a lot of people are still confused about the most effective methods on how to quickly burn belly fat. A lot of people still fall prey to infomercials and grab-up belly fat burner pills and ‘revolutionary’ gadgets that are supposed to develop a six-pack with the least amount of time. Everyone should get this straight- there is no single technique or product that will burn belly fat fast.

The secret to a flat, chiseled tummy is actually a slew of methods that when done right together, bring quick results. Aerobic (cardio) exercise combined with muscle-building weight training, healthy eating habits incorporating fruits and vegetables, and ample sleep- all these done in conjunction with one another comprises the ultimate ‘belly fat burner’.

We all know that the foods we eat are stored by the body as energy in the form of fat. As humans, our stored energy is concentrated in our gut and if we don’t expend the same amount of energy we consume from food, this results in an unsightly belly and love handles. Experts say that any prolonged aerobic exercise that keeps your heart rate at a ‘low-moderate’ level (60%-70% of your maximum heart rate) is best for burning stored fat. It burns the most calories from fat rather than from glycogen stores.

Variety in your workout regimen can also help. Switching to a different exercise routine once in a while will also prevent your muscles from hitting a ‘plateau’. Keeping your muscles challenged means more energy spent ergo more belly fat burn.

If you want an exercise program that’s the ultimate belly fat burner there is an answer, and it’s free to try!

Dan Solaris is a martial artist and fitness expert who has recently decided to share his knowledge on the web. Please check-out for more belly fat burner tips.

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Belly Fat Burner

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