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21 Sep

What is the fat burning zone and how do I find my target heart rate range? The fat burning zone is a specific target heart rate zone which is the optimal place for your body to burn fat most effectively and efficiently. Your specific fat burning zone depends on two primary factors; your age and your physical condition. Here are some tips and calculations to remember:

Take your heart rate (HR) by finding your pulse, either on the side of your neck below your jawbone or on your wrist below the base of your thumb. Count the beats for 15 seconds, then multiply this number by 4 for your “beats per minute” (BPM). Use your resting heart rate in the calculations below.

Maximum Heart Rate (HR) =220-(your age) ____

Target training rate is Maximum HR ____x Target %____
Your fitness level determines the percentage of your capacity you should work at.

Heart rate range is Maximum HR____-resting HR ____

Generally, the more fit you are, the wider this range will be.

Maximum HR: 220-30 = 190 BPM
Target training rate at 60%: 190x.60 = 114 BPM
HR range: 190-80 = 110 BPM

Check your HR periodically during exercise.

Warm up for 10 minutes at 40-50% of maximum HR. This is the stage were fat is released from body tissue into the bloodstream where it can be burned.

Raise the intensity of your cardio activity by working faster or using a steeper incline for 30-40 minutes at 60-80% of MHR. This would be (50-60% for beginners). This is the fat burning zone. Cool down for 10 minutes at 40-50% of MHR after each and every workout so as to allow the body to cool down slowly.

Michael George is a Personal Health Coach, Fitness Expert, Speaker and the Author of “Body Express Makeover”. Michael facilitates and conducts wellness programs, workshops, seminars and motivational speaking lifestyle transformation, self-empowerment and wellness principles. His Los Angeles based company; Michael George Enterprises can be reached at (310) 575-3500 or on the web at

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Fat Burn Zone

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