Are High Intensity Interval Training Workouts Designed For Fat Loss Or For Lean Muscle Growth?

30 Aug
By Russ Hollywood
Learning how to build muscle is often a game of chance and opinion, with what works for one guy often not quite working for another. However, there are a few benchmark pieces of advice which have been proven by modern science when it comes to building mass and losing fat, one of which is high intensity interval training.

The old approach, of course, is to do a resistance session and then jump on a bike for some light cardiovascular work to get yourself into the so-called ‘fat burning zone’. []

However, this is now considered as yesterday’s advice. Modern science has seen high intensity interval training become one of the most sought after methods when it comes to fat loss, and more recent studies have also shown it to be an excellent method for those looking to increase lean muscle mass, too.

If you are one of the many people who finds their cardiovascular activity to be somewhat dull and repetitive, the discovery that HIIT can burn significantly more fat while also retaining lean muscle in a superior way to regular cardio should ring like a church bell. This is the news you have been waiting for, after all. Finally, you don’t have to sit on the bike for an hour five times per week!

The next discovery may well shock you to your core if you are a long-term gym user. Cardiovascular activity should be performed before a resistance training, as opposed to afterwards. Not only will this increase your fat loss results, but it will also improve muscle retention as well. Let the magnitude of that fact sink in for a moment, because over 90% of gym members insist upon doing their cardio work after they’re finished on the weights.

The study which discovered this information was actually completed back in 2001, but was under-reported in the media at the time. As a result it has gone largely unnoticed by the general population and most fitness instructors, who still follow the old belief that doing cardio work before a weights workout will fatigue the muscles.

One other aspect which has to be taken into consideration here is the increased difficulty of a high intensity interval training session versus a steady state cardio session. This means your body will need additional time to recovery. You shouldn’t be performing intervals every single day, because you can get better results by letting your body recover fully. Three-to-four sessions per week is enough for most people.

Furthermore, research shows that high intensity interval training burns of 6 times as much fat as regular cardiovascular activity, making it a sensible choice if you are trying to figure out how to build muscle while maximizing your fat loss in the process.

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Are High Intensity Interval Training Workouts Designed For Fat Loss Or For Lean Muscle Growth?

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