High Or Low Intensity Exercise Routines – Which Is Best

24 Aug
By Vanessa Summer
When it comes to getting the exercise that men and women need, plenty of men and women are not aware of whether they should be doing low intensity exercises or perhaps high intensity exercises. There are incredibly good arguments for each side, and you’re going to see that it will depend on your ultimate goal on what you ought to be doing. You ought to obviously be aware of the fact that you’ll have the ability to burn body fat no matter which form of exercise you choose. On this page we are going to be looking at these two different forms of exercise so you can find out what you feel will be best for you.

In relation to the low intensity workout routines you’re going to find that they’re able to be very effective at burning fat. But something which many people don’t realize is that this fat which is burned is really glycogen. This is the storage of carbohydrates which are going to be discovered in your liver and muscle tissues which are burned when your body requires energy. I should mention that this not only burns off glycogen, but it’s going to also help you lose the unwanted body fat you have throughout your body.

One more thing you ought to comprehend concerning this is that when your storage of glycogen is low, your body will automatically begin storing this again from the carbohydrates in your meal. I am sure you realize that this means you are not going to be adding body fat to your body by consuming these carbohydrates. Reducing the amount of fat that’s stored within your body and also burning up body fat are a couple of the benefits connected with a low intensity workout.

If you choose to do high intensity exercises you’re going to discover that this is a thing that can really boost your metabolism even when you have finished your workout. You are in addition going to find that when your metabolism is increased you’re going to have the ability of burning up body fat for a longer pureed of time even when you have stopped exercising. This is just one of the main advantages of doing a high intensity workout over a low intensity workout, as you will have the capability of losing more body fat. Something else I probably don’t need to mention but I’m going to anyway, is that burning more calories obviously winds up burning more body fat.

If you only have a minimal amount of body fat to lose, and if you are already in pretty good shape you might want to think about sticking with some type of low intensity exercise. Even though a high intensity workout routine will require a lot more energy, you are going to see that it’s going to be much better for people who really are overweight. Something which you will find that can be quite advantageous is mixing these two different forms of exercise together in one workout. You will discover that by combining high intensity exercise like running with a low intensity exercise like walking, can present you with good results. So you are able to bring a watch with you and start walking for 5 minutes, and after that 5 minutes is up you can start running for 5 minutes. And for nevertheless long you choose to exercise for all you’ll have to do is continuously switch back and forth between high and low intensity workouts.

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High Or Low Intensity Exercise Routines – Which Is Best

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